The Greyhawk Saga

I have been running a Greyhawk based D&D game for many years with several edition changes and with the coming of 4th Edition and not liking very much what I saw of it, I would wait for Pathfinder’s RPG to come out. In the mean time I put my D&D game on hiatus. Then one day while looking over the fantasy/sci-fi section at the local used bookstore I came across two very nice copies of the AD&D 1st Edition Players Handbook and Dungeon Masters Guide. I bought them right away and proceeded to page through them. Originally I had came to look for some ‘old school’ fantasy novels to motivate me into getting my old campaign restarted. Instead I was inspired inversely by these old relics. As I paged thought those books they brought me back to a simpler gaming experience, in which the DM had primarly determined the scope and pace of the game as well as the outcome of events. Starting out with a basis of how I would use the AD&D ruleset and a timeline of CY572 which takes a lot of sting out of later events I started with the best that GH had to offer, T1-4, A1-4 and GDQ1-8. Combined with a few homebrew mods and possibly inserting a few other modules such as S1 and S4 in the mix at some point. I would start a party out in Hommlett with a few rumors and motivations but first I had to collect the cast of characters that would dominate my campaign.

Greyhawk Saga